Contacts, Products, and Services for Connecticut

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The following products and services are offered in Connecticut:
  • The "T-Berd" Company Portable and system testing solutions for:


    Ethernet (GigE to 400GigE), Layer 1-4 Testing Including Truespeed

    Fiber (OTDR, OSA, Fiber Characterization, Handhelds, Inspection and Cleaning)

    RF Testing (Power Meters, Antenna Sweeps, Base Station Analyzer)

    Protocol Analysis




    Commscope is the world’s largest provider of connectivity solutions.  Commscope builds the critical connections that make fiber deployment faster, capacity greater, installation simpler and network reliability better. As the leader in broadband connectivity, they make it possible for massive volumes of data to move efficiently and reliably—from the data center, to the desktop, the chip and right to the device in the palm of your hand—and back.



    With over 30 years of Experience, Fiber Insight provides fiber training, Network Services, Testing and Consulting.


    Jameson manufactures innovative products for telecommunications, utilities, electrical, tree care, mining, construction and the military. Products Include:  Non-Conductive Fiberglass Conduit Rodders, Traceable Underground Rodders, Fiberglass Fish Tapes, Glow Fish Rods, Specialty Lighting, Splicer Scissors and Knives, Line Clearance Tools - Pruners, Pole Saws, Hand Saws, Aerial Cable Placement Tools, Boom and Bucket Tool Holders


  • Premier Fusion splicers that provides an excellent solution for both field and factory splicing applications. Core Alignment, Ribbon and cladding alignment versions available with 7 second splice time and 25 second heat time. 


    Capacity management, AC/DC, Battery, and Telecom Alarms and Facility monitoring.


  • 4000 Series: ADSL2 and POTS splitter shelves providing up to 192 ports.

    Customer Premise Application: NID splitters and ADSL splitters and filters.

    ETAM: Metallic access matrix switch for test access of ADSL lines.